Firespot Panel Protection System

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Firespot Panel Protection System

Automatic Fire Protection
Specifications 2 / 4 kg
Working Temperature
-30 C to +60 C
Burst Pressure
55/80 bar min., 110 bar (actual) approx
Cylinder Testing Pressure
35 bar for 30 sec.
Operating Pressure
8 bar
Dry Nitrogen
UL approved Polyamide tube
HFC-236fa / FE-36 / FK-5-1-12 / Novec 1230
Pressure Switch, GSM Dialler, Audio Visual Hooter
System Approval
National Test House, Govt. of India Laboratory

All the commercial and industrial premises have panels and cabinets installed inside dedicated rooms. An unprecedented fire can cause heavy downtime and huge commercial impacts. Developed and manufactured by Gunnebo India, FIRESPOT� panel protection system is a specially designed self-actuating fire suppression system for special hazards in enclosed cabinets. This pre-engineered system is activated by a pressurized heat sensing tube which ruptures at the spot where fire occurs and suppresses the fire at its origin.

FIRESPOT� Panel Protection System is the most effective and reliable product for protection of enclosed panels or cabinets from fire. The system is approved by National Test House, Central Govt. testing Laboratory of India.

Ideal applications for system installation are Main LT Panel, HT Panel, MCC and Switchgear Panels, Engine compartments of vehicles, Computer Server racks, UPS and Battery Enclosures, HUB and Router Cabinets, Underground cable tracks, overhead trays, Relay panels etc.