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Gunnebo India offers elegant enclosure cabinets to house extinguishers. It offers aesthetic appeal of the premises, protect them from extreme weather conditions, dust and tampering.


  • Consists of a inlet nipple, outlet reducer and flexible pipe – interconnected with slip nuts
  • 3 piece design – facilitates tigething of inlet adaptor to main pipe without causing any strain on the corrugated pipe section.


  • Light weight and High mechanical strength
  • Double ergonomic handles integrated in the lid, with click-system anti-vibration
  • Inspection window with O Ring Seal
  • Extinguisher holding kit composed of: PVC clamping spring with 4 holes, and Nylon clamping ring.
  • Detachable lid-body hinge arrangement.
  • Smooth and modern shape
  • Available in 6, 9, 12 kg sizes.
  • Suitable for the cylinders with diameters between 150-190 mm

Material: Polypropylene Body, Nylon Handles, Polycarbonate Inspection Window

Test and Certifications: TÜV RHEINLAND (7/2012)