Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type

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Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type

Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted
Specifications 5 kg 10 kg
Working Temperature C
-30 C to + 60 C
Cylinder Testing Pressure
35 bar for 30 sec.
Operating Pressure
8 bar
Bulb Temp.
68 C Standard
Area Coverage
3 x 3 mtr.
Dry Nitrogen
Clean Agent HFC-236fa

Minimax GRENOZ™ Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted type fire extinguishers are preferred where automatic fire detection and activation are required. These extinguishers contain environment friendly UL approved FE-36™ or HFC-236fa gas as an extinguishing agent which is a fire suppressant stored as liquid that discharges in the form of gas. Areas where human traffic is less or the storage areas, server rooms, IT rooms etc. where early detection of fire is needed, if a fire breaks out in such location automatically operating extinguisher is needed. Minimax Ceiling Mounted extinguishers with detection and automatic activation are best suited for installation in these locations. In the event of a fire, after desired temperature is reached sprinkler bulb on the ceiling mounted extinguisher fuses and sprays clean agent with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently. Standard temperature of sprinkler bulb is 68° C, other temperature variants are available as per requirements.

These fire extinguishers are environmentally safe, leaves no residue and intended for the protection of facilities where electrical panels or electronic equipment’s are installed. Clean agent extinguishers act to extinguish a fire by smothering effect. As the extinguishing agent does not conduct electricity back to the user, they are most effective on electrical fires.

Applications of these extinguishers include electrical panel and server rooms, computer Rooms, clean rooms, switch rooms and telecoms, data storage areas and art storage rooms.


  1. What is a Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system?

    A Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system is a fire suppression system designed to extinguish fires by releasing a clean agent gas from ceiling-mounted nozzles. It is commonly used in areas where water-based fire suppression systems may cause damage, such as data centers, archives, and sensitive equipment rooms.

  2. What is a clean agent, and how does it work?

    Clean agents are gaseous fire extinguishing agents that work by removing heat from the fire and interrupting the chemical reaction that sustains combustion. They do not leave behind residue or water damage.

  3. What are the advantages of a Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system?

    • Quick and effective fire suppression
    • Minimal to no damage to equipment or facilities
    • Non-conductive and safe for use in electrical environments
    • No residue or cleanup required after discharge
  4. Where is a Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system typically installed?

    It is commonly used in areas with sensitive equipment and materials, such as server rooms, data centers, laboratories, museums, and archives.

  5. What types of gases are commonly used in Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type systems?

    Common clean agents used include HFC-227ea (FM-200), Novec 1230, and Inergen. The choice of agent depends on the specific application and environmental concerns.

  6. How is the system activated in case of a fire?

    Activation can be manual or automatic. Automatic activation is typically based on heat or smoke detection, while manual activation involves pulling a fire alarm or using a manual pull station.

  7. Are there any environmental concerns with clean agents?

    Some clean agents have environmental considerations due to their global warming potential. However, some agents, like Novec 1230, are designed to have minimal environmental impact.

  8. How often should a Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system be inspected and maintained?

    Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure the system’s reliability. It is typically recommended to conduct annual inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals.

  9. Can a Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type system be retrofitted into existing spaces?

    Yes, these systems can often be retrofitted into existing spaces, but it’s essential to consult with a fire protection specialist to determine the feasibility and design requirements.

  10. Are there any regulations or standards governing Clean Agent Ceiling Mounted Type systems?

    Yes, there are several industry standards and regulations that govern the design, installation, and maintenance of clean agent fire suppression systems, including NFPA 2001 (Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems).